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See why EGT Solar is Idaho's most trusted local source for residential solar installations.

  • Solar is at an all-time low cost and EGT is able to utilize bulk purchasing to provide the highest quality products at discount prices.
  • As Idaho’s most trusted residential installer EGT can save you time and money and reduce headaches both short and long term.
  • EGT is the only true full-service installer, meaning our relationship begins at installation and lasts as long as your system provides energy to your home.

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Residential FAQs

  • How do I know my home is a good candidate for solar?

    Nearly every home EGT’s visits have options when it comes to installing solar. EGT’s offers many system mounting styles not just roof applications in an effort to allow every homeowner to save money with solar. Upon EGT conducting the SmartSolar evaluation, we will ensure our design will maximize the system output for long term savings. In rare instances does a home simply not have solar potential but if that is the case your EGT representative will be the first to tell you that and not push a solution that simply would not be worth the client's investment.

  • How Many Solar Panels Does My Home Need?

    The amount of solar needed depends on annual KWH usage with your local utility provider, the capacity of applicable roof/ground mount options and the % of the power bill that each individual client is trying to offset with solar energy. Once the above items are determined EGT Solar will work up the most cost-effective and efficient solution available to each client.

  • Can Solar be Installed on Metal or Tile roofs?

    Yes, EGT Solar has specific roof flashing and components for every style of roof to ensure no long term leaking or issues over the system life.

  • Will installed panels on my roof create leaks?

    There is a myriad of different flashing and mounting in the solar industry which is certainly not all created equal. EGT’s uses only the top-rated flashing and racking to ensure long term integrity. Our particular roof flashing is stamped to not void new or existing roof warranties and we will educate you on the different styles and the vital importance so you fully understand why it simply will not create leaks or other issues. Visit us at our showroom to learn more about this very important topic. Link to Contact Us or Showroom address in Meridian and Twin Falls.

  • What tax incentives are available if I opt to install a system?

    This is a confusing topic in our local industry as solar companies from neighboring states have flooded into the Idaho market and with that has come quite a bit of misleading statements regarding the available incentives. Here in Idaho, a homeowner who installs solar is qualified for a 30% federal tax credit (based on retail project costs and is dollar for dollar against owed liability) which is structured on a 5-year carryforward basis to allow a consumer to reap all value from the credit within 5 years on their federal tax filings.

    The state of Idaho also offers up to a $20,000 state income deduction. This deduction typically equates to a cash value ranging from $1,200 - $2,000 on their state tax filing with a fixed 40/20/20/20 structure to recapture that value. Essentially this recovers the taxes that are included in the project over a 4-year period based on the consumer's tax bracket. The state of Idaho nor Idaho Power currently offers any rebates for solar installations so if that is a message you are hearing from a prospective contractor be very cautious. The US Department of Energy provides all consumers with an easy guide to all available incentives at

  • Will Solar Increase my property taxes?

    No. Solar installations both from Federal and from the state of Idaho are exempt from property tax assessment.

  • How long does it take to install my system?

    For most jurisdictions in Idaho, the permitting will take 1-2 weeks to complete. Once EGT has an approved permit we schedule the install within 3-5 day thereafter. The install typically takes 1-3 days depending on system size and other electrical upgrades necessary to keep the system to code. Following the completed installation, the client can expect 1-2 weeks for the inspections and net meter install required to turn the system on and produce power. From start to finish EGT averages roughly 6-7 weeks to full completion and commissioning compared to the national average at over 120 days.