Commercial Solutions

EGT Solar offers a wide array of solutions for all sizes of commercial solar applications whether that be on the roof, solar carport systems, or ground mount systems.

Business owners are adopting solar in dramatic fashion as they can take advantage of both the 30% federal tax credit as well as capital equipment depreciation benefits allowed for solar installations which creates an unbeatable return on investment. Owners are also now much more educated on solar’s proven track record and are willing to invest to decrease long-term operating expenses to simply make their business more valuable and more profitable. 

Please contact us for a free site evaluation to determine if investing in a PV solar system is right for your business.

Top 4 Reasons to Consider Solar for your Business

  1. Costs of solar components are at an all-time low and population is set to increase in Idaho dramatically over the next decade and beyond which will surely drive power rates up to unprecedented rates.
  2. Solar is simply the safest, lowest risk, highest yielding investment a business can make.
  3. Any good business owner knows that decreasing or eliminating long term operational costs inversely will increase net operating income, thus making the business more valuable and keep more money in the company year over year.
  4. Marketing power-renewable energy shows clients that your making socially responsible decisions and thus are more apt to continue their business relationships. Monitoring of the system can be displayed within any business establishment or business website to convey your commitment to using clean energy and the effective carbon offset value of a given installation.

Commercial FAQs

  • How Many Solar Panels Does My Business Need?

    The amount of solar needed depends on annual KWH usage with your local utility provider, the capacity of applicable roof/ground mount options and the % of the power bill that each individual client is trying to offset with solar energy. Once the above items are determined EGT Solar will work up the most cost-effective and efficient solution available to each client.

  • Can Solar be Installed on Metal or Asphalt roofs?

    Yes, EGT Solar has specific roof flashing and components for every style of roof to ensure no long term leaking or issues over the system life.