Agriculture Solutions

On average EGT Solar Ag Customers can create $25,000 - $50,000 profit per acre compared with crop yields
by installing the right solar solution for their Agribusiness.

Simple Solar Solutions for all Agricultural Sectors.

EGT Solar has focused heavily in the Agricultural sector since 2014 with an aim to help create cost predictability through distributed solar applications. We are committed to doing our part to help further create more sustainable food sources by mitigating energy expenses in a very tight margin industry to help farmers, ranchers, and dairy operators sustain their operational expenses.

Renewable energy is taking the Idaho agriculture industry by storm as it is simply the most cost-effective way to create cleaner, long term cost stabilization of utility power and associated expenses. The Ag industry continuously has fluctuation in prices for their crops and solar is an effective way to mitigate these constant variations by creating a fixed rate of long-term power costs. EGT Solar’s focus on agricultural projects is to create the highest profit/acre attainable to make a true win-win situation with us and our client.

SmartSolar Evaluation

Site Assessment

We analyze annual power usage from all meters on the property to asses the most financially viable options and solutions.


Design & Engineering

We complete engineering for all systems specific to meter locations to offset as much energy as possible for the next 25+ years.



We assign a dedicated project manager to your project to assist with the installation process performed by our licensed install team.

Financing options icon

Financing Options

We assist with the best financing options in the marketplace and explore any applicable grants available for the project.

Asset Management Icon

Asset Management

We proactively monitor all system performance to ensure proper operation and be alerted of any maintenance that may need to be addressed.