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Mission Statement

To provide affordable and reliable energy alternatives through careful, responsible education; modeling an ethics-based approach to lead our generation towards a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

- EGT Solar

EGT was founded in 2010 with the mission to be Idaho’s largest and most trusted local solar energy services company. At that time Idaho’s solar industry was a mere 58 total installations! This was in part to Idaho’s low utility rates and the overall high cost of solar components at that time. We knew with certainty both of these factors would change and create a booming solar industry here in Idaho. Eight years later Idaho is one of the top 3 fastest growing solar markets in the US, one of the fastest projected rising utility cost states, and solar components are at an all-time low cost. The future for solar in Idaho is very bright!

EGT Solar is proud to be a local Idaho-owned solar company that truly keeps Idaho residents' money in Idaho and strives to sell by educating our potential clients. EGT Solar offers the most comprehensive options for clients, as we believe solar is never a "one size fits all model". Our custom approach allows clients to explore all system styles to ensure the investment in solar will be the smartest investment they've made for their home or business.

Our Meridian Location

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CEO Message

EGT Solar was founded on the premise of providing our clients with unparalleled solar experience through advanced education and the best products in the industry. Nearly a decade later EGT Solar has excelled as Idaho's largest and highest-rated company through our continued commitment to providing our clients with what is best for their particular situation rather than what is best for EGT Solar's bottom line. As Idaho’s “local” company we pledge to keep Idaho residents' money in Idaho and continue to advance policies that will continue to provide consumers with a viable choice to produce their own power.

As my second business venture, EGT Solar has provided not only myself but our employees a vision and purpose for helping Idaho residents make the right choices when it comes to converting to solar. Our passion for the industry and commitment to truly helping people live better and cleaner is a driver for our continued success.

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